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Bellingham Technical College: WA Approved Home Inspection Training

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The next Washington state approved home inspection training course, to be offered on campus at Bellingham Technical College, will begin on February 2, 2015. This was the first course to receive approval from the Washington State Department of Licensing back when home inspector licensing began in 2009. The four-week session includes 120-hours of fundamentals training and 40 hours of onsite field training.

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Regardless of a person's background, anyone who wishes to enter the field of home inspection must take a 120 hour fundamentals training course and complete 40 hours of approved field training prior to being allowed to sit for the Washington state exams. Online courses are disallowed and will not count toward the requirements.

At BTC we provide a fast-track program that takes a student from start to finish in four weeks (20 days) , class meeting from 8AM to 5PM five days per week.

After the course, we provide online support that helps students prep for state exams. The BTC course, also, provides an overview of wood destroying organism inspections and WSDA licensing options.

A short video, descriptive of the Bellingham Technical College state approved course, is available below.

In the past couple of years, demand for the course has been strong, and we are attracting students from around the state. We try to keep classes of a reasonable size, not exceeding a dozen students. This upcoming class is 80% full even now, more than a month prior to the course start-up. Anyone interested in taking the February course should enroll right away, prior to our capping enrollment.

For additional information, contact Steven L. Smith, directly at 360-676-6908, or through Bellingham Technical College at 360-752-8796



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