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Effective Prognosticating, Whatcom County, WA

Home inspectors are often in a position where we have to not only report on the past but, also, we have to predict the future. Whether all parties involved in a real estate transaction like that role of the home inspector is not the point. In this state, the law makes it clear that an inspector must forewarn clients of certain problems that are highly likely to occur as a result of a deficiency. For example, wood to soil contact causes rot, knob and tube wiring is old, might be unsafe, and it is often hard to obtain insurance when it is present.

It is satisfying to run into a case where my prognosticating was shown to be correct. The words from the report, and the photo, tell the story.

Wallpaper: Vinyl coated wallpapers, installed in damp areas (such as bathrooms or kitchens) may trap moisture and the paper may obscure moisture-related or fungal concerns. Some amount of damage to the wall or ceiling surface should be anticipated if/when paper coverings are removed in the future.


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Steven L. Smith

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Effective Prognosticating, Whatcom County, WA
Home inspectors are often in a position where we have to not only report on the past but, also, we have to predict the future. Whether all parties involved in a real estate transaction like that role of the home inspector is not the point. In this… more
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