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Serious Offer To California Fire Victims

Active Rain members, when this was sent to me by a business woman whom I know professionally (I inspect homes for her as she acquires them as part of her short-term rental and vacation home business) I asked if I could help out by sharing the power of Active Rain to publicize her offer. Lori is a business pro and her sole business involves property and rentals. She has this wonderful vacation lodge in British Columbia and she has extended a generous humanitarian offer to some family that has been seriously hit by the fires in California. I am -- with her permission -- passing this message on to others through Active Rain. Those of you, especially in California real estate, might be an excellent resource here. The message from Lori, owner of Ranch Park Lodge, is below. I am not involved in this, other than passing the word along.

"First of all, our sincere condolences to the people who have had to vacate or who have lost their homes in the San Diego fires and L.A. fires.  

Though we realize that it is somewhat of a 'drop in the bucket' we are making this offer because we hope that we may be able to help a family in need of housing during this devastating time and are able to give them a home-base and a refuge while they work on restoring their lives.

Ranch Park Lodge is normally a revenue creating vacation home, however we are coming into our 'slow season' and currently have vacancy from October 28 to December 15 , 2007 and we would like to donate this time to a family who has either been forced to evacuate their home or lost their home in the current Southern California fires.

This home is close to Vancouver, BC Canada (approximately 2.5 hours drive N. of Seattle, WA).  It is fully furnished and has a fully equipped kitchen.   It also includes towels, linens and all utilities.  The occupants will need nothing but their personal items.   There is also high speed wi-fi and unlimited long distance phone calling to anywhere in North America to help them arrange to get back on their feet.

If you are a family in need or know someone who is, please feel free to contact us via Email at anytime.  The address is . We will be checking our email regularly and will delete this announcement when the home is filled.

This is a serious offer ONLY to those who are truly in need of help and a home due to the devastation of losing their home in the fires.   There is no cost involved, however, it is likely that the family will need a car (to go to and from the Lodge) and will also need to make their own arrangements to arrive at Ranch Park Lodge."

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