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Stories Behind the Music -- Do You Recognize This Man?

In rock music, every once in awhile, an individual comes along who was popular in a group and then goes on to be a big star in his own right. That, of course, happened with all of the Beatles. However, there is another artist, a household name, who did essentially the same thing.

See if you recognize the young man, the lead vocalist, in the video below. If you are a real rock fan, dating back to the 1960's then you probably will. This was one of only a few hits by a band from Northern Ireland -- Them.

That lead singer went on to make quite a name for himself. You probably recognize a very young Van Morrison. One of his first big hits, after leaving Them, was a song called Brown Eyed Girl. It is a staple of oldies radio, especially in the summer.

Morrison is known for bluesy music, inspired by American R&B artists, and also he has been known to venture into the realm of more stream of consciousness efforts. Morrison is an accomplished songwriter. That was evident almost 50 years ago when one of his songs became a garage classic. Them first recorded Morrison's Gloria in 1964 and it has been covered by many bands since. When I was a teen every dance band had their version. A few years ago, Morrison himself re-recorded it with none other than the late blues legend John Lee Hooker.

John Lee Hooker & Van Morrison - MyVideo

 Morrison's music has aged well and changed. He is still a popular artist today. Some of his other solo hits, more mature perhaps than when he was a youth, include the classic Moondance and this next tune which has been covered by many artists including Rod Stewart.

Van Morrison was inducted into the rock n' roll hall of fame in 1993.

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