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Bigger Than The Beatles, Super Group 1965

When a person thinks of the early British Invasion bands, the Beatles and the Rolling Stones would, at this time, be the best known of those pioneers from the U.K. That was not always the case, several bands were nipping at the Beatles' heels in those early years.

In December 1965, it looked like another British super group might surpass the Beatles as hit-makers. In fact, back home in the U.K. this band did rival the Beatles in the year 1964. As a kid in Bellingham, I remember watching TV news reports when the Beatles and this other group (subject of this post) arrived in Vancouver B.C.  It was fan mayhem, mobs of shrieking and sobbing girls. Record stores, in the USA and Canada, were making fortunes off the vinyl that was flying out the doors of the shops in the hands of infatuated teens.

There were five guys in the super group that rivaled the Beatles for a short while. The band was from London and named after the drummer. The roots of the band went back to 1958 and Billboard magazine defined the sound as the Mersey sound with a Liverpool beat.

In the 1960's this band had eleven Top 30 entries on the American charts, several of which made the Top 10. However, they only had the one #1 hit in the USA, a remake of a song that had been recorded in 1958 by American artist Bobby Day.

If you lived through the era of the British Invasion, or if you are simply curious as to the song and the band referenced in this post, then click on the television and turn off Leave it to Beaver. That will take you back to that magical, musical year 1965.


Steven L. Smith

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