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Point Roberts bomb story

  Those of you who read my blogs know that I spend a fair bit of my time inspecting homes in Point Roberts. Getting there is a chore. It is a US city, landlocked,and to get there from the USA one has to first cross into Canada and then back into the USA at Point Roberts. It is a sleepy little community right on the water. While not an island, it is on "island time". Easy going, slow lifestyle. With that in mind, a story from the local newspaper was an eye catcher -- they thought that a bomb had been found in Point Roberts. Then, in the end, they did not know if it was really a bomb or not. The story has since expired, at the newspaper website, so I can no longer direct you there to read it for yourself.


Steven L. Smith

Bellingham WA Home Inspector

Steven L. Smith

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Comment balloon 2 commentsSteven L. Smith • July 04 2007 10:52AM


if its such a chore going to point roberts , don't go.I have lived here for 35 yrs. and I don't see it as a chore.Get a nexus card. It's a no brainer
Posted by pat over 12 years ago
I like Point Roberts, and I plan to keep going there, because many residents up there want me to do their home inspections. But it is a job getting back and forth. It is not as simple a solution as you think, my being a professional service person. I take a truck full of tools across through Canada. The customs does not allow such vehicles the option of having a Nexus pass. Therefore, I have to try to cross the border at slow times when possible. That is easy in the AM but unpredictable in the PM. This is an issue for the many service people, including roofers, HVAC professionals, etc who go across. Point Roberts is small enough that there are a number of specialty workmen or technicians who do not live there or clients want another opinion. I know one HVAC company that tacks on $250.00 travel to PR. And the leading chimney sweep will not go there anymore due to border hassles. Most of my friends and referrers in Point Roberts make no bones about it being a chore getting in and out -- if you are going down to the states at least-- but they find that appealing in that it affords more privacy and keeps it a quieter place.
Posted by Steven L. Smith, Bellingham WA Home Inspector (King of the House Home Inspection, Inc.) over 12 years ago