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Pacific Northwest Home Inspection (King of the House): Gas Services

  This is one of those problems -- not so glaring -- that could be missed by someone buying a house. In fact, this was missed by the municipal code inspector. The problem, if you think about it, is pretty simple. Someone pulling into this driveway has a strong potential of wiping out, creaming, having strong mechanical and physical contact with the gas service. It is kind of funny, but the house with this service was one I inspected for a Washington State trooper and that was one of the first things he said to me: "Isn't this supposed to be protected, I might hit it some night when I am moving fast." This service is really far out in the driveway, well beyond the average one where it is there -- still vulnerable but tucked against the wall and less prominent. In fact, too bad it is there at all. Not a clean and cosmetically nice fix or one that is too practical. Sure a bollard can go in front of it, but that would probably lead to someone, someday, denting the car. We see lots of home remedies for this oversight or bad planning, probably because so many of the city and county inspectors fail to see, or call, this issue while the contractor is around to repair it on his or her dime. I have seen remedies from storing the ladders, to huge flower pots, in front of the gas service.

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