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Bellingham WA Home Inspector (King of the House): Odd Structures

As a home inspector, I see lots of odd crawl space structures and repairs that were not part of the original construction. These range from structures with an obvious purpose, such as stiffening the underneath of a tile floor, to the very weird. For example, this is among the poorer bits of workmanship I have seen. The floor, at the back porch, was unstable and, when you walked on it, the floor sagged. Someone decided to shore it up by tacking this in place. It consists of two 2x4's resting on a 2x6 that is flat and a couple bricks support it all as the footing -- or so they think. The wood is in the dirt; the structure has no strength and is cut too short anyway. Over time it will decay. Add to that, the fact that it is not even doing the job it was intended to do - the floor still gives significantly. Structural repairs should be properly designed, have adequate footings, and be built to last.

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Steven L. Smith


Steven L. Smith

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